Development partners

Maison Matisse

Elba Boutique Developments lead spatial designer is Linh Nguyen from Maison Metisse. Linh was born and raised in France, where she studied Architecture. She moved to Australia and obtained her master’s degree in Spatial Design in 2015.  She has had extensive work experience in Sydney and the Gold Coast as a building designer and interior designer, mainly working with investors and developers on small scale residential projects.

Linh has a passion for people and the way they live. She believes well designed homes can improves one’s wellbeing and strives to create beautiful, smart and unique spaces.

Mi Design Studio

With over 30 years of industry experience, Mi Design Studio has a dynamic team to assist in a range of diverse projects. The knowledge and in-depth experience gained over many years in the industry has put Mi Design at the forefront of the industry. We not only strive to deliver projects on time and within their budget but strive to exceed the client’s expectations. It’s a testament to our ability to provide explementary services as many of projects initiate from recommendation from previous clients, we have built trust and rapport with throughout their project

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AS Built Projects

AS Build Projects are a Gold Coast-based Custom builder who work with leading Designers, Tradesman, Suppliers and most importantly work with you the client. Their passionate team of builders, designers and tradespeople are committed to helping you bring your dreams to life. They understand how daunting the process of building a home can be, so ensure that you’re always provided with relevant and appropriate advice, fresh ideas and industry trends to make the whole process easier for you!

AS Built Projects pride ourselves on professionalism and excellence in quality, as well as commitment to exceptional service. As a custom building company, they focus on quality over quantity, which is what sets them apart from volume builders. Every project is treated with professionalism, dedication and care, with customer satisfaction being their first and ongoing priority.

Ultimate Planning Solutions

AS Ultimate planning solutions provides expert, accurate and affordable planning services for all our clients. Whether your project is a residential, commercial, community or industrial development, we make sure everything goes as plan.

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Aquila Capital Management

Aquila Capital Management is a leading lending firm in Australia’s private lending market. ACM provides secure risk adjusted returns in commercial property and often back those very opportunities with our own funds.

Building and Developing – having vast experience in the construction industry across some of the largest privately owned building companies in the state. Along with completing numerous projects in our own right.

Capital/Funding Procurement – arranging, providing or sourcing funding for site acquisitions, construction funding and commercial property.